De Raad van Toezicht – De Raad

Recorded By – Chris Weeda
Mixed By – Chris Weeda
Mastered By – Darius van Helfteren

recorded at Wisseloord Studio on 3 & 4 December 2016

Alto Saxophone – Frank van Hassel (tracks: 1-3,5-10)
Bass – Daan Leever (tracks: 2,3,8), Teun Creemers (tracks: 1,4-7,9,10)
Drums – Bouke Hofma (tracks: 6-10), Janik Hüsch (tracks: 1-5)
Electric Organ – Jasper Mellema (tracks: 7,9,10), Philipp Frenzel (tracks: 1,4)
Electric Piano – Jasper Mellema (tracks: 1,3,6,8), Philipp Frenzel (tracks: 4-7)
Guitar – Dung Hoang, Philipp Ullrich
Percussion – Bouke Hofma (tracks: 1-5), Janik Hüsch (tracks: 6-10), Mirco Wessolly (tracks: 1,9), Teun Creemers (tracks: 2,3,8)
Piano – Philipp Frenzel (tracks: 1,3,5,6,8-10)
Soprano Saxophone – Frank van Hassel (tracks: 4)
Synthesizer – Jasper Mellema (tracks: 8), Philipp Frenzel (tracks: 2)
Tenor Saxophone – Daan Leever (tracks: 1,4-7,9,10)
Trombone – Sam Thomas
Trumpet – Joel Botma
Violin – Mirco Wessolly (tracks: 2-8,10)

De Raad van Toezicht is a twelve-piece formation from Arnhem. The band experienced their breakthrough in 2016 and performed on the (main) stages of many major jazz festivals in the Netherlands, including the North Sea Jazz festival. After the overwhelming live season, they took the next step in December 2016; they recorded their first album at the Wisseloord studios, in front of a live audience.
The composition of De Raad van Toezicht is exceptional: a double rhythm section (2x drums, 2x bass, 2x guitar, 2x keys) and a horn section reinforced with a violin, which provides a lot of variety.

1The Collector7:01
3Nowhere To Go4:44
8Praise The Sun5:17
9Anyone Seen Mike Hawk?6:41
10Loco Jardino6:48