With a profound connection to the bass guitar, Teun Creemers effortlessly blends basslines, melodies, and chords in a way that reflects his guitar-inspired approach. His compositions draw inspiration from a wide array of styles, cultures, and instruments, including West-African music, film scores, classical compositions, and popular music. Despite the diverse range of influences, Teun’s music is undeniably recognizable and uniquely his own.

Teun’s mastery of the bass guitar is evident through his extensive hours of composing and performing solo pieces. Utilizing a stereo setup consisting of a guitar amplifier and bass guitar amplifier, he brings forth the true essence of the bass guitar, transforming it into a lower counterpart of the electric guitar—a manifestation of his vision when playing solo.

Teun’s solo performances invite you to experience the depth and versatility of the bass guitar. Guided by his innovative approach and unwavering passion, he creates an immersive musical experience that showcases the full potential of this instrument.

Listen to the solo set of Teun Creemers, recorded by HEAVEN HEAVEN, by visiting bandcamp.