Naamu is the new project of bass guitarist Teun Creemers and the continuation of the recordings of his similarly titled album “Naamu”.

After months of composing, planning and recording, Naamu is finally done and due to be released in March 2023 by the labels Zennez Records and One World Records. This album was recorded and produced at the Galloway Studio in Nijmegen where Teun collaborated with co-producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt and various Dutch and African musicians to create a striking combination of traditional West African sounds and contemporary jazz.

Guests featured on the album include some of the best musicians of the West-African music scene like Harouna Samake (kamele n’goni), Mamadou Diabate (balafon), Sefoudi Kouyate (kora) and Kankou Kouyat√© (vocals). Also participating were Dutch musicians such as Jesse Schilderink, Miguel Boelens, Mete Erker, Yoran Vroom, Antoine Duijkers, Yariv Vroom, Fantison Araby O’Bryan, Yannick van ter Beek and Teis Semey.

For this album Teun combined his experiences in West African music with his passion for the guitaristic approach to the bass guitar. After having played with various respected West African musicians like Harouna Samake and Sekou Kouyate he felt the need to delve further into the West African music and all it’s possibilities. Without neglecting his own built up experiences within the Dutch jazzscene he pursued his dream to combine the best of two worlds; creating his own unique approach of Afro-groove-jazz.

In addition to his stylistic ambitions, Teun strived to make the most of the flexibility of the bass guitar. With this in mind, Teun sought the perfect balance between the various roles a musician can take on as a bass guitarist. The combination of West African styles and more familiar styles such as pop and jazz proved to be an extremely suitable playground to explore these possibilities on the bass guitar.

Live, the album’s repertoire is performed in two different lineups: “Naamu” and “Naamu Orchestra”.

Naamu consists of Jesse Schilderink (tenor), Teis Semey (guitar), Lauriane Ghils (kamele n’goni, balafon, percussion), Antoine Duijkers (drums, percussion) and Teun Creemers (bass guitar, donso n’goni). The combination of these musicians and this repertoire leads to a mix of earthy sounds with plenty of room for improvisation and dynamics. The music of the album is played instrumentally, whereby the great flexibility of the musicians among themselves creates a lot of variation. All the musicians can play each other’s parts, so no concert is the same.

The Naamu Orchestra consists of a much larger group of musician and includes: a large rhythm section of percussionists and drums, a three-piece wind section with saxophones and bass clarinet, and a section of stringed instruments with the traditional Malian kamele n’goni, guitar and bass guitar. In addition, a three-part choir with Malian singers interprets the album’s powerful lyrics . The Naamu Orchestra sounds like one of the most powerful combinations Teun has ever played with and perfectly interprets the music from the album. The result is a mix of powerful West African roots, playful melodies and a constant presence of driving rhythm.