As a bass guitarist, composer and initiator, Teun (Netherlands, 1991) has always had a broad interest in different musical genres, which has never limited him to playing only one genre. Teun has performed nationally and internationally with a wide variety of bands in genres such as blues, jazz, funk, rock, punk, impro, Latin and various types of African music. One of his better-known bands was De Raad van Toezicht, with whom he played on most leading national stages, released two albums, received a nomination for a Zilveren Notenkraker and was a regular guest on various radio and television programmes such as De Wereld Draait Door.

Teun always strives to make the most of the flexibility of the bass guitar. In doing so, he seeks the perfect balance between the various roles a musician can take on as a bass guitarist. His combination of West African styles and more familiar styles such as pop and jazz have proven to be an excellent playground for exploring these possibilities on the bass guitar; a characteristic direction his music takes in the form of his new album called “Naamu”.

After many years of experience and discovery in different musical forms, Creemers felt it was time to lead and create an album that would reflect his experiences. Thus, he decided to record his debut album, Naamu, which embodies his passion for West African music and his acquired experiences in jazz and groove music.

In Naamu, Creemers masterfully blends his love for West African music with jazz and groove music, creating a unique blend that he calls “Malinke Groove Jazz.” With his extensive experience playing bass in the bands of various West African musicians, Creemers saw the need to delve deeper into West African music and all its possibilities while not neglecting his experiences in the Dutch jazz scene.

To create this unique blend, Creemers collaborated with co-producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt, recording most of the album at the Galloway Studio in Nijmegen (NL). However, additional recordings were made with various African musicians, including the great kamale n’goni player Harouna Samake and the talented upcoming Malian singer Kankou Kouyat√©.

Other bands and projects in which Teun has been active as initiator, bass guitarist and composer are: the punk jazz band SPUNK! and his educational music programme for primary schools Life of Matheo. Teun is also playing bass guitar in the new-jazz formation Meika.