Teun Creemers – Naamu

Labels: ZenneZ Records and One World Records

Mixed By – Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt
Mastered By – Alex McCollough
Artwork By – Alicia Martin Lopez
Photography By – Robin Wagenaar, Youri Lenquette, Carolina Vallejo and Fieke van den Hurk

Composed By – Teun Creemers
Lyrics By – Legre Thibaut, Kankou Kouyaté and Yacouba Sagara

Produced By – Teun Creemers and Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt
Recorded By – Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt (Galloway Studio Nijmegen)
Co-Recorded By – Legre Thibaut (Studio Bamako), MTG Productions (Paris) and Eric Kilburn (Wellspring Sound Studio Boston)

Translations By – Coleman Donaldson and Cherif Keita

Lead Vocals By – Kankou Kouyaté (1-7) and Yacouba Sagara (5)
Backing Vocals By – Kankou Kouyaté (1-7), Ami Dante (1, 3, 4, 6, 7), Lassine Diarra (1-7), Bah Kouyaté (2, 5), Eva Dembeler (5), Legre Thibaut (5) and Teun Creemers (5)

Kamele N’goni By – Harouna Samake (1-4, 6)
Kora By – Sefoudi Kouyate (7, 8)
Balafon By – Mamadou Diabate (3, 4, 6) and Balla Kouyate (4)
Guitar By – Teis Semey (4)
Djeli N’goni By – Teun Creemers (3)

Alto By – Miguel Boelens (3, 4, 6)
Tenor By – Miguel Boelens (2, 3, 5, 7) and Jesse Schilderink (1-7)
Bass Clarinet By – Mete Erker (2-7)

Drums/Percussion By – Antoine Duijkers (1-3, 5, 8) and Yoran Vroom (4, 6, 7)
Mandinka Percussion By – Fantison Araby O’Bryan (4, 6, 7)
Percussion By – Yannick van ter Beek (1, 3, 5) and Yariv Vroom (4, 6, 7)

Bassguitar By – Teun Creemers

For this album Teun combined his experiences in West African music with his passion for the guitaristic approach to the bass guitar. After having played with various respected West African musicians like Harouna Samake and Sekou Kouyate he felt the need to delve further into the West African music and all its possibilities. Without neglecting his own built up experiences within the Dutch jazzscene he pursued his dream to combine the best of two worlds; creating his own unique approach of Afro-groove-jazz.

Guests featured on the album include some of the best musicians of the West-African music scene like Harouna Samake (kamele n’goni), Mamadou Diabate (balafon), Sefoudi Kouyate (kora), Yacouba Sagara (vocals) and Kankou Kouyaté (vocals). Also participating were Dutch musicians such as Jesse Schilderink (tenor), Miguel Boelens (alto/tenor), Mete Erker (bass clarinet), Yoran Vroom (drums), Antoine Duijkers (drums/percussion), Yariv Vroom (percussion), Fantison Araby O’Bryan (mandinka percussion), Yannick van ter Beek (percussion) and Teis Semey (guitar).

1À Nyininka4:34
2Kèlè ka Bila4:55
3Ne Jarabira6:06