Life of Matheo (Band)

The story of Matheo:
“Life of Matheo is about a boy from Cameroon called Matheo. One day his mother sends him on an errand to another village. His mother tells him that it is very important not to deviate from the road because of the many dangers of the savannah. Matheo has only just started his walk when he is confronted by a crow that challenges him to take a more exciting and shorter route through the grass. Matheo decides to listen to the crow, not knowing what awaits him along the way.”

In this programme, a four-piece band with saxophone, guitar, bass and percussion takes you past scenes from colourful Africa, where the sounds and rhythms stimulate the imagination of listeners of all ages. Matheo’s story is told to the listeners by means of cleverly written compositions. In addition, the band members use the space to improvise so that a new musical adventure can arise every time.

The album:
In 2017 an album was released with part of the repertoire of the Life of Matheo performance. This album was recorded by Marcel van de Beeten and played by Miguel Boelens (saxophone), Micha Lorenz (guitar), Antoine Duijkers (percussion) and Teun Creemers (bass guitar). In addition, a digital album has been released with recordings from a live concert in Weinheim 2019 where the ‘Life of Matheo’ repertoire was played. Musicians on this album are Jesse Schilderink (saxophone), Micha Lorenz (guitar), Malte Bogner (piano), Olombelo Ricky (percussion/vocals), Miaro Tanjona (percussion/vocals), Alexander Schildhauer (drums) and Teun Creemers (bass guitar).