(By Peter van Esch during Jazz International Nijmegen 2018)

Teun Creemers (1991) is an electric bass player that originated from Nijmegen (NL) and lives in Rotterdam (NL).

Teun has studied at the conservatory of Arnhem between 2010 and 2014 where he graduated with a rare and outstanding 9,5 as his final rating. During and after his studies he quickly adapted to more than just a bass player. Ever since he was active in the music scene he’s been an all-rounder: not leaning too much towards one style in music but instead developing skill in multiple styles like jazz, world, funk, blues and pop as well as developing skill in composing in those styles.

Next to making and writing music Teun has also achieved great experience in leading and managing several bands. He’s been the initiator of “De Raad van Toezicht”, “Life of Matheo” and “SPUNK!” and serves as the main composer for all of those bands. Compositions by Teun can range from small touching trio compositions with space for improvisation to booming thought out large ensemble arrangements.

Speaking of large ensembles: ever since 2015 the band called “De Raad van Toezicht” became an important part of Teun’s musical career. This large jazz/funk band became populair very fast and in the past years they’ve recorded 2 albums at the Wisseloord Studios, played at various great stages and festivals like North Sea Jazz, So What’s Next, BIMhuis, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Lantaren Venster, and  made multiple appearances on radio and the tv show De Wereld Draait Door.

Next to “De Raad van Toezicht” Teun is also active in other projects like “Life of Matheo” and “SPUNK!”: two completely different bands.

“Life of Matheo” is a project with music that involves a story about a young boy from Cameroon called Matheo. The boy goes on an adventure and comes across various animals who teach him important lessons about life. Every chapter of the story has its own compositions so that the story of Matheo will be told by the music itself. The story and music have both been written by Teun in a way that they appeal to both children and adults. Live they are often accompanied by a professional storyteller.

“SPUNK!” Is Teun’s newest band with Jesse Schilderink on tenor saxophone, Jelle Roozenburg on guitar and René Creemers (Teun’s father) on drums. It’s the first band where Teun makes music with his father which resulted in a great natural synergy in the rhythm-section between father and son. Together with Jesse and Jelle they make music that can only be defined as raw, daring and energetic punk jazz.

Between 2017 and 2018 Teun has also been on the road with Sekou Kouyate; a cora virtuoso from Guinea. Accompanied by drummer Francis Kweku Osei (Ghana) and John Mutombo (Congo) they’ve been playing at several great festivals and locations in Europe and northern Africa.
Because of these contacts a new colaboration began in 2019 with master n’goni player Harouna Samake (Mali); leading to several concerts in Europe and Asia. Harouna Samake has always been the n’goni player of Salif Keita’s band and he has been recorded on nearly all of Salif’s albums. Next to that Harouna has collaborated with artists like Bonnie Raitt, Bela Fleck, Etienne Mbappé and Mike Stern.