TMA Trio

For this trio, melody is key. In just a year’s time, experiments with all kinds of repertoire have led them to craft a sound that is all their own.
When these three players get together, every note is deliberate and authentic. Their repertoire is self-written and based around powerful grooves, electrifying guitar licks and a dose of good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll where appropriate.

Less is more? Hell no! You feed the music what it asks. And the music is always hungry.

The trio isn’t looking for labels like jazz, pop, funk or blues. They’re on a constant search for inspiration and they’ll add to the mix whatever takes their fancy, taking cues from greats like Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Pat Metheny and John Mayer.

Call it what you like. To them, it’s all music.

Personnel: Micha Lorenz (guitar), Alex Schildhauer (drums) and Teun Creemers (bass guitar).

Here’s a  review  written  by Willem van Katwijk
after   our   very    first   performance   at   ‘Het
Blauwe  Kikker Podium’  the 13th of may 2012.

I received a flyer for a new open air art venue in Schuytgraaf. The design and program looked so attractive that I didn’t have to think long about taking a look.

While wandering around, the sounds of a beautiful blues caught my ear. On the wonderful new open air stage I saw three musicians playing so fantastically that I just had to sit down. I didn’t get up again until finally, after playing an encore to a delighted audience, they stopped playing. Who were these guys?

They were TMA, a young trio from Arnhem, consisting of Artez students Teun Creemers (bass guitar) and Alex Schildhauer (drums), and Artez alumnus and lead player Micha Lorenz (guitar). Jazz, blues and pop. But played so lyrically, so melodically, with such refined solos and such subtle transitions between them, that I wished I had extra ears to take it all in. Piece after piece, I was captivated.

With a drummer who constantly found new ways of playing transitions and crescendos, they weren’t playing notes, but music. Music worth listening to. Their joy in playing was palpable. This wasn’t about playing as fast or loudly as possible, as so often tends to be the case with younger players full of bravado.

It was just the opposite. Something I believe for which there is a growing demand in today’s increasingly fast-paced society: taking your time. Utilizing silence and space, enjoying melody lines and developing them in a creative, imaginative way. Micha is already a master at this. I’m sure he can capture the attention of any music lover, regardless of what he’s playing. He also inspires his fellow band members to follow his lead. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who noticed. More and more spectators joined the crowd. What talent!

In their press kit I later read some of their influences: John Scofield, Radiohead and Pat Metheny. The latter once captivated me to such an extent with his performance at Montreux Jazz that I had a tape of it on repeat in my car for years afterward. I hope Micha and the other members of his talented trio will play there one day. I’m 67 now, but if I live to see the day, I’ll be there! 

 Willem van Katwijk, Velp,
music lover.