Sekou Kouyate


Sekou Kouyate Exuberant virtuosic fusion’

The Guinean Kora Master and inventor of the electrified Kora, presents an elegant mix of Funky Jazz & West African Mandingo Traditions. Sekou Kouyate is considered among the world’s finest Kora players. The album ‘Sabaru’, meaning patience, sums up Sekou´s musical history. Rooted in his West African traditions and influenced by the contemporary Blues, Soul, Funk and Jazz, that has also been his early inspirations. astonishing rapid-fire cascade of notes from the African harp that inevitably has drawn him comparisons with Hendrix.

Sekou’s fine, soulful voice, extraordinary playing and the invention of the electric Kora with added experimental Wa Wa effects, has inspired a whole new generation of Kora players and earned him several Awards. 

Not only a great master of the classical musical tradition, Sekou Kouyate also amplifies his instrument, the pioneering idea he got at the age of 12, and that set new standards for West African traditional music to enter the stages of contemporary music. Yet preserving the virtues and techniques of the beautiful instrument, and the knowledge he has proudly inherited from his father, M´Bady Kouyate, and carried on the band with Ba Cissoko; and while you know it’s still a Kora, the things he does with it, turn it on its head; it’s little wonder he’s been called the Jimi Hendrix of the instrument. The sound becomes totally new, exciting waterfalls of notes that are palpably thrilling.

Quotes about Sekou Kouyate

‘Sekou Kouyate is one of Africa’s most exhilarating Kora players’  – Robin Denselow,  The Guardian

‘Sekou is my master, I always tell him, but he denies it’ – Toumani Diabate, Mali

‘Sekou Kouyate is one of the best Kora player’s in the world – a musical genius’ – Jacob Edgar, Cumbancha, USA

‘Kouyate commands the Kora, coaxing from it’s strings an ethereal sound somewhere between a guitar carved of crystal and a Rennaisance harpsichord. The man is a rare virtuoso’ – Superjam, UK

‘Sekou Kouyate Rocks big Time! Sekou Kouyate must be a measureless virtuoso’ – Alexander Argell, Sydsvenskan, Sweden