De Raad van Toezicht


De Raad van Toezicht (The Board of Directors) is a twelve-man band from the city of Arnhem. De Raad booked its first major successes in 2016, with concerts (known to ‘De Raad’ as meetings) at a string of leading festivals such as North Sea Jazz Festival. After a great live season, the band has now released their debutalbum entitled ‘De Raad’, recorded live in front of an audience in the famous Wisseloord studios in Hilversum.
The instrumentation of de Raad van Toezicht is extraordinary: a double rhythm section (2x drums, 2x electric bass, 2x guitar, 2x keys) and a horn section reinforced with a violin, which results in a lot of variation in groove and a large sonic palette. The music is brought together from the wide-ranging influences of the members, ranging from rock to African music, latin and even some westernmusic. However jazz and funk are the main ingredients where De Raad takes it spontaneity and strong groove from.