De Raad van Toezicht


De Raad van Toezicht is a twelve-man band. Drawing inspiration from improvised jazz, deep funk and alternative rock their musical palette ranges from carefree dance jams to intricate modern compositions.
At the heart of the band and their music is the double drums rhythm section. Two guitars, two keyboards and a bassguitar take the band to a variety of sonic places, topped off by the lead section consisting of a four-piece horn section and a violin. Contemporary bands like Snarky Puppy and Kneebody are major influences as well as fusion greats like Weather Report and Pat Metheny.
Starting out as a collective under the name “De Raad van Toezicht” (Board of directors) in 2015, they were soon thrown on to the biggest jazz festival stages in the Netherlands, such as North Sea Jazz. Fresh out of school they proved to be “one of the hottest bands on the Dutch Jazz scene” (Jazzism). Their debut album “De Raad”, released in early 2017, earned rave reviews from the press and got them several radio and TV appearances, amongst others on “De Wereld Draait Door”.
In October 2018 the new album is going to hit the scene. “84” presents fresh compositions with a new, uncompromising sound, moving beyond what one might expect from a jazz trained instrumental group and kindling the fire to something brand new.