All throughout my studies and after graduating from the conservatory of Arnhem I have worked hard to be an all-rounder in music. Simply because leaning too much towards one style in music can become boring over time.
Because of this wide interest in music I have always played in a variety of different bands with styles including pop, soul, jazz, funk, world, blues and rock.

As well as playing various styles I also like to focus on writing music for many of the ensembles I play with. Whether it be for the bands I initiated myself or those from fellow musicians I have always found ways to put my creativity to use by writing music.

Highlights of the past:
In the past I’ve gone¬†through a couple of great musical experiences.
When I was 17 years old I won the Marc Becher Jazz Talent Award with my very first band in Nijmegen and 5 years later I graduated from the conservatory of Arnhem with an outstanding 9,5 as my final rating.

But one of the greatest highlights would be the band ‘Billy Hill’. A band I initiated in 2011 when I was mostly playing instrumental music and wanted a challenge to work on vocal music again.
We worked our way up through the scene and eventually release an album full of our own unique pop songs of which most have been written by myself in companionship with Lisa, the band’s singer.

In addition to Billy Hill I have also been working with great musicians in the more jazz oriented music scene. At different occasions I’ve shared the stage with musicians like Tineke Postma, Harmen Fraanje, Mete Erker, Hans Dulfer and Jerome Hol.

De Raad van Toezicht:
In 2016 “De Raad van Toezicht”, one of my current main projects, played at several large (jazz)-festivals in Holland. Festivals like Amersfoort Jazz, Breda Jazz, Jazz in Duketown and North Sea Jazz gave the band a great start to get going in the music scene.
In December 2016 De Raad van Toezicht recorded his first album in the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. An album with 5 out of 10 songs that have been written and arranged specifically for this band by myself.
During spring 2017 we will start performing again and show what we’ve put on tape during our recording weekend in Hilversum.

Life of Matheo:
One of my upcoming projects of 2017 will be “Life of Matheo”. This project has been created from scratch by myself and feels like it’s the perfect projection of the music that I enjoy the most. Heavily influenced by the music of Africa I worked on this band’s repertoire as well as the story of little Matheo; a young African child whose adventures are told about in this project.

As Matheo grows older he goes through many situations that teach him about the important things in life. All of these life lessons are represented by an African animal and will be given a specific sound in this project’s musical spectrum.
A storyteller will join me and my band on stage to define the story of Matheo and encourage the audience to imagine the actual “Life of Matheo”.